No-code solution to create business workflows on top of your data

Be more efficient. Be more agile. Scale Faster.

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Implement Data Driven Workflows. Now. Easily.

For Sales Teams : Convert more customers faster with product led routing and systematic follow ups.

For Customer Success Teams : Max out Satisfaction Score by reaching out proactively.

For Account Management Teams : Increase revenue by detecting upsell opportunities.

Take back control of your GTM strategies.

1. Connect your data in a minute

Pick up the right connector to easily connect your data without days of development.

2. Build your first process

Start from blank or use predefined template processes.
Keep it simple, keep it actionnable.

3. Track, analyze and iterate.

Monitor your processes efficiency, challenge your team, get better.

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What they say

Joris Renaud
Co Founder @Magma App

RC allows us to streamline our customer journeys. Our conversion rate has been significantly optimized. It has been a game changer.

Yves Trocheris
Co Founder @Memepascap!

We use RC for running a lot of our processes now. It’s just super easy to set up a process, run it for 2 weeks with the team, see how much it improves our KPI ... and carry on or not.

Quentin Masse

I was looking for a ligtweight tool to create activation workflows.I can iterate to find the best pattern according to the anaytics given by RelationChips.